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Morgan-Davis International Wagyu Beef is simply the best.
Welcome to
Morgan-Davis International.

Morgan-Davis International produces Authentic “KOBE” Style American Wagyu Beef for both the domestic and export markets.

We are located at Ironhorse Ranch in Macomb, Oklahoma.  At Ironhorse Ranch, we raise all-natural Wagyu cattle.

The word “Wagyu” refers to all Japanese beef cattle.  “Wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cattle.

“Kobe” comes from the Kobe region in Japan.  Year after year, the Kobe region was winner of the Japanese carcass contests.  This is how the term “KOBE Beef” came to represent the highest quality beef in the world.

We start with the very best cattle, Wagyu, and raise them on nature’s grasses and the finest grains from America's heartland.  No steroids, no antibiotics and no animal by products are used in our operation.  From the ranch to you, our entire program is audited by the USDA for it’s merit and compliance.

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